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Virginia Tech Students using the Reusable To-Go program

Have questions about our Reusable To-Go (R2G) program? Check below for answers!

Reusable To-Go Container Checkouts:

  1. Where can I use the containers?
    You can use our R2G program at any location in West End Market, Owens Food Court, and Turner Place where to-go meals are available in 9x9 compostable to-go containers.
  2. I don’t have a dishwasher. Can I still take part in this program?
    Yes! Once they are returned all R2G containers are washed in Dining Services’ commercial dishwashers. Please just empty your R2G container of food before returning it.
  3. Who can take part in the Reusable To-Go program?
    All faculty, staff and students with a Hokie Passport are eligible, regardless of meal plan status.
  4. When are Reusable To-go Containers available to be used?
    R2G containers are available until around Reading Day of each semester, and all containers have to be returned before the dining centers close for summer.

Reusable To-Go Container Returns:

  1. Once I’ve finished using my Reusable To-Go container, what do I do?
    Bring your empty R2G container to an OZZI machine located at West End Market, Owens Food Court, Hokie Grill, or Turner Place. Follow the instructions on the OZZI machine to complete your return.
  2. Where are the OZZI machines located?
    There are currently four OZZI machines on campus. They are located in West End Market, Owens Food Court, Hokie Grill, and Turner Place.
  3. What if I lose my Reusable To-Go container?
    It’s essential that we get containers back so that future Hokies can use this program, too. Lost containers may be subject to a fee at Dining’s discretion.
  4. Can I return my friend’s containers for them? Can I check out a container for a friend?
    Yes, you can!
  5. The OZZI machine isn’t working. What do I do?
    Technical errors happen! If the machine isn’t working, please return your container to a dish return station.
  6. I paid for my my container with my Dining Plan. Shouldn’t it be mine to keep? Why do I still have to return it?
    Like library books, the containers are yours to borrow but not to keep. The majority of our program is not funded through Dining Plans. Rather, much of our funding has come from the Office of Sustainability's Green RFP program, the Student Government Association, and Housing and Residence Life. Please make sure to return your containers so that future Hokies can use the program, too.

Still have questions? Feel free to email the Dining Services Sustainability Manager at