Have questions about our Reusable To-Go (R2G) program? Check below for answers!

Reusable To-Go Container Usage:

  1. Where can I use the containers?
    You can use our R2G program at any location in West End Market, Owens Food Court, and Turner Place where to-go meals are available in 9x9 compostable to-go containers.
  2. I don’t have a dishwasher. Can I still take part in this program?
    Yes! Once they are returned all R2G containers are washed in Dining Services’ commercial dishwashers. Please just empty your R2G container of food before returning it.
  3. Who can take part in the Reusable To-Go program?
    All faculty, staff and students with a Hokie Passport are eligible to check out up to three containers at a time.
  4. I want to use more than three containers at a time. Can I?
    Absolutely. If you want to use more than three R2G containers at a time, you will be charged $3.50 flex or $7.00 cash per additional container.
  5. When are Reusable To-go Containers available to be used?
    R2G containers are available until around Reading Day of each semester, and all containers have to be returned before the dining centers close for summer. Tokens and containers that are not returned by the end of the year will be charged to your Hokie Passport account at the end of each school year.

Reusable To-Go Container Returns:

  1. Once I’ve finished using my Reusable To-Go container, what do I do?
    Bring your empty R2G container to any of the OZZI machines located at West End Market, Owens Food Court or Turner Place.  Follow the instructions on the OZZI machine; once you return your container, a credit will be placed back on your account and you will receive an email letting you know your return has been processed.
  2. Where are the OZZI machines located?
    There are three OZZI machines on campus. They are located in West End Market, Owens Food Court, and Turner Place.
  3. I received a token when I returned my container. What do I do with it?
    If you receive a token it means that the OZZI return station is offline, and thus cannot connect to your Hokie Passport account to give you credit for your return. In order complete your return you will need to bring your token to a cashier. If you do not trade in your token by the end of the school year, you may be charged for a lost container.
  4. What if I lose my token or my Reusable To-Go container?
    Unfortunately, if you lose your token or container we won’t be able to replace it. Tokens and containers that are not returned by our deadline (typically during exam week in spring) will be charged to your Hokie Passport account at the end of each school year.
  5. Can I return my friend’s containers for them? Can I lend my friend my container?
    Unfortunately, because the returns are connected to your individual Hokie Passport account, you will not receive credit for containers returned by someone else on your behalf.  
  6. The machine isn’t working. Can I just leave my container on top, or return it to a dish return carousel to get credit for my return?
    Technical errors happen! If the machine isn’t working, you will need to bring your container to a Dining Services cashier in order to return it. Returns made in other ways will not be credited to your account, and you may be charged for a lost container at the end of the year.
  7. A Reusable To-Go container was checked out of my account by mistake. What can I do?
    Please fill out this form, and we will restore the credit to your account.
  8. I found an extra container and returned it. Now do I have four credits on my account?
    It’s a great idea to return extra containers you find, but you will not receive additional credits for them.
  9. I paid for my three containers with my Dining Plan. Shouldn’t they be mine to keep? Why do I still have to return them?
    Like library books, the containers are yours to borrow but not to keep. The majority of our program is not funded through Dining Plans. Rather, much of our funding has come from the Office of Sustainability's Green RFP program, the Student Government Association, and  Housing and Residence Life.

Reusable To-Go Water Bottles:

  1. Why can’t I use my own water bottle in the Dining Centers on campus?
    We want to maintain a clean and safe environment in our dining centers on campus. In order to do this, we chose Camelbak water bottles because they comply with state health code regulations regarding food service safety. For this reason, Dining Services issued Camelbak are the only water bottles that can be used at the soft drink filling stations in the Dining Centers.
  2. Can I use my Dining Services water bottle for things like soda, milk, or hot drinks?
    Unfortunately, the water bottles are not suitable for soda. Carbonated beverages build pressure in the bottle, causing them to leak. The bottles are also not meant to be used with hot liquids and milk.

Still have questions? Feel free to email the Dining Services Sustainability Manager at sustainabledining@vt.edu.