Nutrition facts and ingredient listings are available on our interactive nutrition page. After choosing a dining location, click on the "Nutrition / Ingredients" button for a full listing of menu offerings. Clicking on any menu item will give you nutrition facts and ingredient listings for that product.

Ingredient, nutrition, allergen, and gluten information is obtained directly from statements made by the products' manufacturers. If no allergen or gluten statement is given by the manufacturer, the following criteria were used when creating the database of allergens:

  • FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) is used as a reference for potential allergen sources for the top eight allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans).
  • Products containing an oil of one of the top eight allergens (such as soy or peanut oil) are listed as containing that allergen.
  • Coconut and coconut oils are listed as tree nut allergens.
  • If the manufacturer provided a statement about the item being produced on equipment or in a facility that also processes other allergens, that allergen is included in the listing.
  • Please Note:  When an item is designated as Gluten Free or not containing gluten, it means that the item has been prepared with gluten free ingredients. Care is taken to minimize or eliminate cross-contact with gluten containing foods, but our kitchens are not gluten free.  The gluten free serving area in D2 is the only venue that has dedicated preparation and serving equipment that is gluten free.

When using the allergen filter to sort menu items by the top eight allergens, please refer to the complete ingredient listings for assurance that all sources of the allergen have been filtered and to find allergens in addition to the top eight. Please note that many desserts and bread items are made in our on-campus bakery where items containing peanuts and tree nuts are also produced.

If you have a specific nutrition concern or are allergic to any foods and need help finding appropriate foods, you can make an appointment with the registered dietitian for individualized assistance. If you find you have questions while in the dining center, please ask to speak to the chef or manager; they will be able to answer your questions about specific ingredients. For questions, comments, and suggestions regarding nutrition or food-based allergens contact Dining Services Registered Dietitians at