YES - You're Eating Smarter

With the Y.E.S. – You’re Eating Smarter Program, Virginia Tech Dining Services is doing its part to keep you and the planet healthy. We've made commitments that will benefit your health and minimize our impact on the environment.

When designing our menus, we strive to provide healthy options in all dining centers. Throughout our venues you will find whole grain options, lots of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and protein options. Additionally, in 2006, we made a commitment to eliminate trans fats where possible. In 2009, the YES to Go program was created in response to student requests for healthier grab-n-go options. A variety of Y.E.S to go options are available at DXpress at Dietrick Hall, Hokie Grill at Owens Hall and Turner Place at Lavery Hall. All items have less than 600 calories, contain no trans fat, less than 30% of calories from total fat, and many items emphasize whole grains and heart healthy fats. 

As part of our commitment to a healthy planet, we have created the Farms & Fields Project in Owens Food Court at Owens Hall. This venue features sustainable, local, and organic foods. Check out the menus on our menu webpage.

The final component of the program is education. As part of Student Affairs, we are committed to providing learning outside the classroom. The YES program has several components that focus on this mission:

  • Websites (listed below) with reliable nutrition information
  • Table Cards in dining centers focusing on healthy eating topics
  • Educational events in dining centers that promote learning about healthy eating
  • Presentations to student groups
  • Students can talk about their nutritional needs directly with one of Dining Services' Registered Dietitians. For individual questions or to schedule a one-on-one, email

Nutrition Information for Menu Items

You can use our interactive nutrition analysis program to view today's menu and find nutrition information for menu items. Additionally, you can use our allergen/ingredient filter to find menu items that do or do not contain one of the eight most common allergens and up to 3 ingredients of your choice.

Reliable Nutrition Web Sites

Are you looking for more on a nutrition topic and don't know where to get reliable information? You are not alone. There are many websites that seem to give knowledgable advice, but in reality, they're not a reliable source.

Check out the list below to find reliable information on various nutrition topics.

General Information

  • Center for Nutrition Policy: Click on the MyPlate to receive valuable feedback on your dietary intake and physical activity levels.
  • American Dietetic Association: An informative site with good information on nutrition, exercise, and general health. If you are interested in becoming a nutrition professional, this site is for you!
  • This government website has basic nutrition information that everyone can understand.
  • Schiffert Health Center: You may also visit Virginia Tech’s health center for any questions and problems you may have.
  • Nutrition Services: This is the place to find information about health education programs, health counseling services, wellness services and public health events at Virginia Tech.


Special Dietary Needs

  • Information on Celiac disease, gluten free products and recipes.
  • American Cancer Society: Find all the latest information on cancer prevention and treatment at this official website.
  • American Diabetes Association: Check out this site to find current diabetes information for yourself or a loved one.
  • American Heart Association: This site provides the latest research and recommendations on how to live a heart-healthy life.
  • Food Allergy Network: Good information on coping with food allergies, including tips on recipe substitutions.

Eating Disorders

Sports Nutrition

For questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the YES program contact Dining Services' Registered Dietitians, at