This tutorial will explain how to add your own recipe through MorrisPress Cookbooks after you have provided basic contact information.


Contributor Tools

After log-in you will be directed to the Contributor Tools page. Select "Add Recipes" to get started.

entry camera

Add a Recipe

Select a camera icon to learn more about the recipe entry process.

  1. Contributors: Type your name along with your student's name and hometown.
  2. Recipe Information: Type the title of the recipe in the space provided.
  3. Category Selection: Use the pull-down feature to select your category.

Recipe Parts

1. Select the blue "Tips" button and review the instructions for measurement abbreviations before you enter your ingredients.

entry tips

2. Additional tips will appear in popup boxes as you enter your recipe.

recipe entry

3. Add ingredients in the space provided. Press enter or return to add more ingredient lines.

4. Add the directions for your recipe in the "Recipe Part Instructions" box.

5. If your recipe has multiple parts (ex. cake and frosting) select "Add a Part."

6. Select the blue "Preview Recipe" box to proof your recipe.

entry preview

7. Save your recipe using the green button at the top right of the page.

Are you ready to begin? Start by filling out to our entry form.

You will be directed to the typensave site after you fill out this form.