Dining Services Job Request

Please note, a general project description is required for all requests.

All submitted requests are pending approval by the department management to ensure all necessary information needed to complete the project has been submitted. You will receive confirmation of job request approval or rejection. Job requests that are rejected are subject to a complete re-entry process.

Common issues when entering projects:

  • Please enter projects in a timely manner to ensure our department has the minimum 2 weeks for production.
  • Check to see if we have the proper contact information including all emails that the proofs will be sent to.
  • Review job request to check and make sure you have answered “what, where, and when” as this is the most essential information.
  • Make sure the form contains proper org and fund number(s) for billing and charging purposes.
  • Please check new or existing project to help us sort requests.
  • Double check to make sure that uploaded files have been attached and do not exceed 10mb.
  • Many questions you may have when filling out this form have been addressed below.


Include all information for job requests including size, how many, where or how it will be used and if it’s print where and how it will be displayed.

Good Example: Water bottle stand up signs.

  • 21 - 8.5x11 signs
  • Print Project Description:
  • 8.5x11 signs – laminated and mounted on foam with stand up back
  • 6 for Turner, 1 for Burger '37, [etc] to be displayed at register


Input an incomplete job – if you don’t know the specifics then neither do we – If it’s a new project, set up a meeting or call Victoria to run through an idea before entering it into the system.

Bad Example: Water bottle signs

  • Print Project Description:
  • Signs for all units – must stand up.


Enter a job request for a web update, social media posts, or photography needs.


Email information about the web update or social media posts without entering a job. Do not call the day of an event for a photographer – this needs to be scheduled in advance.


Request a project within an appropriate timeline!

  • For larger, print heavy projects like special events request the job 4 weeks before the event. This gives us 2 weeks for design, proofing and posting and 2 weeks of advertising. If you know the specifics go ahead and enter the job even if it’s months in advance. This will help us plan and get the job to you in a timely fashion.
  • If it’s a rebranding or a new brand project like a logo, request the job at least 1 month before you need it as those go through a lengthy approval process.
  • Web updates can usually be completed within the same day if they are a text change, anything further needs a 1 week deadline.
  • Social media should be requested at least 1 week in advance – this includes LTO’s or specialty posts like People of Hokie Dining. If it’s very time sensitive like a shop closing then a job does not need to be entered, you can call or email Victoria to make the update in real time.


Request a job with a 1 day to 1 week turnaround time especially if outside vendor printing is needed. We know there will be emergencies now and then where we’ll have to drop everything and focus on something but this should be a rare occurrence.


Read design proofs carefully, particularly looking at the date, location and price.


Take several days to respond to emails containing proofs – same day proofing and response is critical.

11x17 Event Posters
Deet's Place1
Vet Med Café1
West End Market4
ABP @ Goodwin1
Hokie Grill1
Owens Food Court2
Turner Place5
22 Total
Deet's Place40
Vet Med Café20
West End Market125
ABP @ Goodwin20
Hokie Grill57
Owens Food Court225
Turner Place222
(336 Aug-Thanksgiving)
1032 cards without outdoor seating or 1144 cards (seasonal, Aug-Thanksgiving, mid March-May)
*These are usually done in black and white because of cost. Make sure to specify color if you want color but be warned, they are 4x the price.
24x36 Aframe posters
Deet's Place2
Owens Food Court2
Turner Place4
West End Market2
Aframes are usually just for the unit that is having the special event – so you can request based on how many Aframe displays you have.
Menu Item card sets
Owens Food Court4
Menu item cards are usually just for the unit that is having the special event – so you can request based on how many serving lines you have.

Laura Pontier: 1-9205
Kassi Schulz: 2-8461
Abby Carlson: 1-7861

D2/Vet Med/Food Trucks
Gabe Petry: 1-8676
Charlene Mitchell: 1-3503
Michelle Baker: 1-3503
Kelvin Bergsten: 1-4072

Deet’s Place
Leann Cook: 1-7101
Samantha Stiltner: 1-7101
John Messer: 1-7101
Kelvin Bergsten: 1-4072

Tim Dunn: 1-2184
Joseph Martin: 1-2184
Kelvin Bergsten: 1-4072

Hokie Grill
Jeremiah Gardner: 1-3342
Lauren Snelson: 1-6708

Ashley Foster: 1-1896
Melissa Hendricks: 1-8668

Owens Food Court
David Beneski: 1-3342
Lauren Snelson: 1-6708
Andrew Mills: 1-3342
Kyle Hubbard: 1-3342

Personal Touch Catering
Whitney Engstrom: 1-2409
Ben Marks

Squires Food Court + alternate ABP locations
Mike Vanidestine: 1-6960
Katey Carr: 1-4852

Blake Bensman: 1-1139
Brandon Hendricks: 1-7956

Turner Place
Alisha Barker: 1-8203
John Barrett: 1-2985

West End Market
Nancy Barrett: 1-9392
Tony Riley: 1-8886