Dining Services’ Dining Dollars is a debit style account that is a great option for off-campus students who prefer a la carte dining or want a quick snack during the day. Dining Dollars can also be used in our all-you-care-to-eat dining  center. Dining Dollars are often beneficial for commuter students who enjoy lunch on campus or are involved in evening campus activities.

Money deposited into a Dining Dollars account is accessed automatically through your Hokie Passport ID card. You can spend Dining Dollars like cash in any dining center.

Benefits of Dining Dollars

  • Dining Dollars free you from the hassle of carrying cash.
  • Whenever you make a purchase with your account, the remaining balance is shown on your receipt.
  • Since Dining Dollars are only accepted in Virginia Tech Dining Services dining centers, parents and guardians can be assured that this money is spent only on food and beverages.
  • Students using Dining Dollars receive a 5 percent discount on all purchases and they do not pay sales tax.

Please Note:

  • If you have purchased the Commuter Cash Plan, the initial money does not receive the 5 percent Dining Dollars discount. Any additional Dining Dollars purchased will receive the discount.
  • Minor Flex Plan holders can add Dining Dollars to their plans and will receive the 5 percent discount after using all of their initial Minor Flex Dollars.
  • Major, Mega, and Premium Flex Plan holders can add Flex Addition Dollars and will receive 50 percent discount in à la carte facilities and at least a 67 percent discount in our all-you-care-to-eat dining center. Flex Addition Dollars will receive the Flex discount as long as a Major, Mega, or Premium dining plan is purchased for the semester.


If you find that you are running out of Dining Dollars and would like to add more to your account, you can make a Dining Dollar Deposit and continue to use the Dining Dollars service. Dining Dollars can be added at any time in amounts between $25 and $1,000 and will remain on your account while you are a student (If you are not enrolled as a student and/or your account is inactive for 12 consecutive months, it will be closed).

Refer to the Policies, Terms, and Refunds, and the Add Money to Your Plan pages for more information.