100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want your dining experience to be great, so we give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need anything, just ask a manager or fill out our  Online Comment Card  and give us a chance to make good on our commitment. That's how serious we are about your satisfaction—we make it a 100% guaranteed.

Food Safety

Dining Services' believes customer well-being comes first and has established food safety and sanitation as its paramount guiding principle. A comprehensive food safety plan is in place to ensure your health and safety. For more information, visit the  food safety section .

Sick Meal Policy

Students who are sick or unable to visit a dining facility due to a temporary physical disability (e.g., broken leg or back injury) can make special arrangements for meals. To authorize a friend to pick up a meal, call the assistant director or management staff of one of the dining centers listed below in advance to arrange for the service and provide the following information:

  • Name of the person who will pick up the meal
  • Meal preference
  • Time when the meal will be picked up
  • Telephone number where the student can be reached
  • Hokie Passport number of the person requesting the meal

Give your Hokie Passport and the name of the manager you spoke with to the person picking up the meal, who must see a manager and obtain a special pass to present to the cashier. Your friend or roommate will purchase the sick meal by charging it to your card and then have his or her card swiped for record-keeping purposes. (No charge will be billed to the friend’s account.)

You must call for each sick meal needed. If the illness or temporary disability lasts more than two days, a doctor’s note detailing the condition must be presented to a manager.

Use the following phone numbers to arrange for this service:

  • Owens Food Court at Owens Hall: 540-231-6187
  • Hokie Grill & Co. at Owens Hall: 540-231-6187
  • West End Market at Cochrane Hall: 540-231-4779
  • D2 at Dietrick Hall: 540-231-6130
  • Deet's Place at Dietrick Hall: 540-231-6130
  • DXpress at Dietrick Hall: 540-231-6130
  • Turner Place at Lavery Hall: 540-231-5948

Lost ID Policy

If you lose your ID card, contact the Hokie Passport Services at 540-231-5121 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), or the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-231-6411 (after hours) so your ID card can be protected from misuse. Lost or stolen cards can also be deactivated via the Online Services menu at www.hokiepassport.vt.edu. You must have a driver's license or another form of photo identification in order to report your lost ID.

The university assumes no responsibility for illegitimate purchases from your account prior to your notifying the proper authorities that it is lost or stolen.

All customers wishing to use a dining account to purchase food must present their Hokie Passport ID for payment. In order to protect your account, there will be no exceptions.

Customers who have lost a Hokie Passport ID will need to do one of the following in order to eat:

  • Monday - Friday before 5 p.m.
    Go to the Hokie Passport Office located in 100 Student Services Building to obtain a new Hokie Passport ID card.
  • Monday - Friday after 5 p.m. or on the weekends
    Go to Owens Food Court to request and complete a lost card disclaimer. This disclaimer will allow you to eat at Owens Food Court or D2 (you cannot eat at West End Market, Hokie Grill & Co., Squires Student Center, or Deet's Place at Dietrick Hall). You will be required to obtain a new Hokie Passport ID by 5 p.m. the following business day.
  • Pay cash

After re-validating your account, take your new ID to the dining center where you ate to ensure your account has been correctly updated.

Dining Dollars and Hokie Passport Accounts cannot be accessed without a student ID card.

Reusable Bottle Policy

The reusable bottle issued by Dining Services is the only personal container approved by the Health Department for refilling in the dining facilities. This bottle may only be filled with water or soda and must be presented to the cashier prior to filling with soda. A discounted price will be charged for the soda. The bottle may not be used for filling with milk, juice, or coffee.

The bottle is allowed only in Owens Food Court, DXpress, Hokie Grill, West End Market, Turner Place (except for the Coke Freestyle drink machine), Vet Med Café, and Au Bon Pain Café and Burger '37 in Squires. It is not allowed in any all-you-can eat facility (D2) and cannot be filled in any facility which does not offer self-serve water and soda beverages (Deet's Place, Au Bon Pain at The Graduate Life Center or Au Bon Pain Squires Kiosk).