Last year, more than 10,000 off-campus students purchased a dining plan. Students who live off campus may choose from any dining plan (including major dining plans). The following plans are specifically designed with the off-campus lifestyle in mind:

Minor Flex Plan: $1,015/semester for 2019-2020

The Minor Flex Plan is a great choice for off-campus students who had a Flex Plan when they lived on campus. The Minor Flex Plan is our most popular plan for off-campus students and gives the benefits of the Major Flex Plan at a lower buy-in level. The Minor Flex Plan carries a base cost of $609 that covers mortgage, utilities, and labor costs needed to support the food service program. Students receive $406 in Flex Dollars to pay for food and beverages at a 50 percent discount in our à la carte facilities and a 67 percent discount in our all-you-care-to-eat dining center (see Using Your Flex Dollars under Major Dining Plans).

Minor Flex Plan holders are not eligible to purchase Flex Addition Dollars but may purchase Dining Dollars which receive a 5% discount. Flex Addition dollars may only be purchased by major dining plan holders.

Carry over/Roll over

If you do not spend all of your initial Flex Dollars by the end of the fall semester, they will carry over/roll over to spring semester and receive the same Flex discount as long as you purchase another dining plan. Remember, Flex Plans do not carry over past spring semester.

Commuter Cash Dining Plan: $332/semester

With this plan, you receive $332 in Commuter Cash. While all purchases using this plan are tax-free, you do not receive the 5 percent discount like traditional Dining Dollars. However, deposits made to this account (above the initial $332) spend like Dining Dollars, and do receive the 5 percent discount. Like all dining plans, the Commuter Cash Dining Plan can be purchased using the Budget Tuition Plan.

You must spend the initial $332 in Commuter Cash by the end of spring semester. All deposits made into your Dining Dollars account beyond the initial $332 will carry over to the following academic year.

Refer to the Policies, Terms, and Refunds, and the Add Money to Your Plan pages for more information.