Chelsea Graves, Dining Services Student Farm Manager, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, at Virginia Tech Kentland Farms

Sustainable Purchasing

Local & Sustainable Sourcing

Virginia Tech Dining Services wants to play a role in strengthening our region's economy through local food purchases. To reduce food miles and support our local economy, we strive to bring you food that is produced as close to Virginia Tech as possible.

We define local as products that are grown and produced within 250 miles of Blacksburg, Virginia. We also try to source other “sustainable” products, such as Fair Trade certified and organic items. This definition is adapted from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's (AASHE) standard.

In 2015-2016, Virginia Tech Dining Services designated 13% of our total food and beverage budget towards local and sustainable foods.

Local Food Highlights

The Farms & Fields Project: Farms & Fields exclusively serves local, organic, and sustainable foods. Whether you’re craving ice cream produced down the road, locally baked bagels and breads, or butternut squash lasagna featuring vegetables grown on campus, Farms & Fields has what you’re looking for.

Dining Services Farm at Kentland Farm: The DSF produces fruits, vegetables, and herbs specifically for Virginia Tech Dining Services. Look for signs in the dining centers letting you know what dishes have ingredients sourced from our farm.

Virginia Tech Meat Science Center: The VT Meat Science Center processes meat grown by Virginia Tech. You can find these products at D2 at Dietrick Hall, West End Market, Owens Food Court, and Blue Ridge Barbecue in Hokie Grill.

Virginia Tech Eggs: Did you know we have chickens on campus? Since fall 2017 VT Dining has sourced cage free eggs from the campus flock. You can find them at The Farms & Fields Project and at the West End Market Grab & Go station.

Virginia Tech Milk: VT Milk is produced by the Cows at the Virginia Tech Dairy Science Complex at Kentland Farm. The cows at the Dairy Complex are milked twice a day by students. The milk is then processed and pasteurized in Goochland Virginia. You can find VT Milk at D2 and Deet's Place.

Deet's Place Direct Trade Coffee: Dining Services’ coffee shop, Deet’s Place at Dietrick Hall, purchases direct-trade coffee from a sustainable coffee plantation in Nicaragua.

Virginia Tech Dining Services works with a wide variety of local growers and producers. Using the map below you can learn about some of our local partners: