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Foods Available for Passover

Dining Services has created, with the help of a member of the Student Advisory Committee, a list of foods that will be available for Passover. See the listing here.

Table Talk Live

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback during Table Talk Live.  Chrissy Kayanan was our random drawing winner of $25 in Dining Dollars!  Here are some of the suggestions you all shared with us and our feedback for you:

  • Turner Place Origami should have rice at lunch.  -DONE!  We have it now, so come visit us again.
  • AM Dunkin' Donuts fast, PM Dunkin' slow.  -We are now requiring all Student Managers to be cross-trained in Dunkin' Donuts as well to help with evening rushes.
  • Waterslide in Hokie Grill.  -Unfortunately insurance might be a little too high for this one.
  • Have breakfast cereal bars like Lucky Charms, Cheerio’s etc in Owens Food Court. -We will check into the availability of these products.
  • More hot vegetable option in Owens Food Court. -We will be testing recipes this summer to add new options in all of the shops, including vegetables.  We will hopefully be getting the steamer in Carvery to offer steamed veggies.

Choosing a Plan

Students who live on campus are required to purchase one of the three Major Dining Plans listed above, which they can only use for their own meals or guests. You cannot, however, use dining plans as a group. Seriously, it’s in our terms.

If you will be living on campus, your plan will automatically default to Major Flex. However, if you plan on using your plan more, you can upgrade your plan June 1 through Aug. 21 using Hokie Spa. (After you login to Hokie Spa, scroll down and select “Housing and Dining Services” then select “Add/Change Individual Dining Plan.”)

Going to college is your first step to being on your own, so having a Flex Plan is a perfect way to start learning how to budget your money. Luckily, you can always add Flex Additions later if your budgeting is not so successful at first.

Eating On Campus

Dining is pleased to provide you with a national award-winning program that is committed to innovation and student satisfaction.

Award Winning Dining

Hope you are hungry! Dining Services has been ranked within the top four by The Princeton Review for the last eight years. In 2013, Food Management Magazine named Dining Services, Innovator of the Year.

Purchase a dining plan!

Deposit money online into your Dining Plan, Dining Dollars or Flex Dollars account.

Gift cards and Coupons

Currently, Dining Services does not accept gift cards or coupons at any of our franchise locations.  We apologize for any inconvenience.