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Thank you students for ranking us #1 in the Princeton Review again! And thank you to our staff for all your hard work!

Fall 2015 Dining Plans go on sale in June!

Dining Plan sales for Fall 2015 will begin on June 1, 2015! Get yours in June by logging into your HokieSpa account under Housing and Dining Services and add or change your Dining Plan for the fall semester.  

On-Campus students will be defaulted to a Major Flex plan which can be upgraded through HokieSpa before the semester begins. Not sure which plan is right for you? Check out our Dining Plan Advisor for some helpful tips.

Choosing a Plan

Students who live on campus are required to purchase one of the three Major Dining Plans listed above, which they can only use for their own meals or guests. You cannot, however, use dining plans as a group. Seriously, it’s in our terms.

If you will be living on campus, your plan will automatically default to Major Flex. However, if you plan on using your plan more, you can upgrade your plan June 1 through Aug. 21 using Hokie Spa. (After you login to Hokie Spa, scroll down and select “Housing and Dining Services” then select “Add/Change Individual Dining Plan.”)

Going to college is your first step to being on your own, so having a Flex Plan is a perfect way to start learning how to budget your money. Luckily, you can always add Flex Additions later if your budgeting is not so successful at first.